We are a North Dakota Winery located in a beautiful bay of Lake Sakakawea near Coleharbor N.D.. Our surroundings bring us the inspiration to create delicious wines that will bring pleasure to any palate. What started as a dream, grew into a hobby, and has now evolved into a licensed bonded Winery. We have been crafting fine wines for more than 10 years, and are now offering them to you. Our Wolf Creek Wine series uses 100% cold climate grapes grown right here in North Dakota. Our Creekside fruit wines are made from fruits and berries grown in the rich North Dakota soil. These grapes, fruits, and berries are bred to survive the long cold northern winters. When spring arrives, fruit blossoms cover the trees and fields, and the Vineyards sprinkled throughout the North Dakota landscape come to life, all bringing the promise of warm summer days and sweet autumn fruit. Our premium Wolf Creek wines capture the delicious taste of a North Dakota harvest. In addition to our North Dakota series, Wolf Creek Winery is proud to present our World Series made from the best juices from the world’s finest vineyards. We bring these juices to our winery, and create a wine like only Wolf Creek Winery can.